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Health Benefits Of Walking

# 1: Promotes heart health

Walking regularly can help to ward off the biggest killer - heart disease. People who walk regularly have a lowered risk of developing heart disease. Besides, regular walking also helps people to recover faster from heart attacks and bypass surgery and thus, lowers their risk of suffering another heart attack.

# 2: Promotes sexual health

Brisk walking everyday can improve your performance in between the sheets, with your partner. Walking helps to boost blood circulation and thus cuts down impotency.

# 3: Gives you a healthy body

If you want to stay fit and don't have time to do some physical activity, then walk during your spare time. Regular walking is the simplest way to stay fit.

# 4: It is an aerobic form of fitness

Regular walking is also a form of aerobic exercise; this helps to lift your mood, makes you physically fit and improves your health.

# 5: It heals your body

Regular walking will make you feel good, as it helps to heal your body and make it healthy. It helps to improve our biological health, physical health, psychosocial health and emotional health.

# 6: Reduces blood pressure

Physical activity like walking helps to reduce high blood pressure among patients. As high blood pressure is a 'silent killer', one must walk regularly to stay off from this problem. Walking helps to improve the blood flow thus increases available oxygen to the muscles, which makes the blood vessels more relaxed and helps to lower the pressure.

# 7: Promotes bone health

Walking helps to increase your bone density and slows down bone loss in your body. This simple exercise is very effective for your spine, legs and hips.

# 8: Lowers diabetes risk

Regular walking helps to improve the BMI level in people with diabetes and allows efficient use of glucose by the muscle, which means proper utilisation of insulin in the body and helps to improve blood sugar level.

# 9: Kills depression

Walking helps to boost your mood and helps prevent depression. Besides, people who walk regularly can fight depression more effectively.

# 10: Increases alertness

This simple aerobic exercise also helps to improve your mind alertness. Walking improves circulation and availability of oxygen to the brain, thus increasing alertness. Another reason for mental alertness is the release of chemicals like adrenaline, which is discharged due to walking.


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