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Telent-14 (Powder)





Action of the Formulation:

Telent-14 is composed with well know time tested herbs. Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Jyotish Mati and Mulethi improve memory and retention power of the brain. Jatamansi, Chandi Bhasam Moti Pisti and Ustukhandoos improve and stabilize tranquility of the brain. Vidari Kand, Amla, Gulab Phool and Kesar improve overall health of the body.

Directions of Use: 2.5-5gm ,1-2 times daily with milk, starting from 2.5gm initially.

Duration of Use: To obtain best results, regular use for three months is advised.

Indications: Excellent brain tonic. Improves intelligence level, retention power and memory. Helps improve mental health in mental disorders. Relieves mental stress and fatigue.

Contraindications: No adverse effects observed.

Presentation: Sealed 100gm pet jar.


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