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She-Vital (Syrup)





Action of the Formulation:

Jeevanti, Ashwagandha and Amla improve overall health. Ashok, Dashmool, Lodhra, Putra Jeevak Anar Chilka and Gokshru strengthens uterus and normalizes menstrual cycles. Tagra, Jatamansi and Kamal Pushap improve mental health. Giloya, Amla, Arjun Chall, Vidhara, kesar and Shilajeet enhances immunity and ensure perfect health.

Directions of Use: 5 to 15ml twice daily after meals with fruit juices or directly.

Duration of Use: To obtain good results, it is advised to use “SHE-VITAL” for three months regularly.

Indications : Improves appetite, digesion and bowl system, strengthens reproductive systems. Promotes vigor, vitality and stamina . Improves immunity . Prevents Leucorrhoea , Rakt Prader, menstrual miscarriage and general debility.

Contraindications: Avoid during first trimester of pregnancy.

Presentation: 200ml Bottle.


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