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Liv-Fit (Syrup)





Liv-Fit Herbal Liver Tonic (Syrup)

Action of the Formulation:

Bharingraj, Punernava and Makoya increase urine quantity, thus relive inflammation in liver and body. Improves bile secretion and cures sluggishness of liver and helps cure jaundice. Rohitak kalmegh and Giloya cures enlargement of liver and spleen. Pitt Papra, Kasni, Amalki, Giloya control excessive heat in body. Arjun Protects Heart and compensates calcium.

Directions of Use: 5-15ml 2-3 times daily after main meals with fruit juices or water.

Duration of Use: Regular use up to 2-3 months ensures good results.

Indications : Symptomatic relief of liver malfunctioning.

Contraindications: No adverse effects observed.

Presentation: 200ml Bottle.


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