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Cough Rid (Syrup)





Action of the Formulation:

Cough Rid is a dependable remedy for cough of varied etiology . Somlata, Vasa and Talis Patra are the main bronchodilators. Kantkari , Tulsi control allergy and improve immunity . Mulethi Apamarg, Sovarchal Lavan , Kali Mirch, Pipla mool and Lasoorian Liquify cough and help to expel it. Pudina Satva gives soothing ffect to the respiratory system.

Directions of Use: 5 to 15 ml 2-3 times daily with warm water or directly.

Duration of Use: Use regularly till the symptoms subside.

Indications : Cough, Mild Asthma, Corza, Allergic Cough, Mild Fever,irritation in Throat, Dry and Whooping Cough.

Contraindications: No adverse effects observed.Tuberculosis patients should take under medical supervision.

Presentation: 100ml bottle.


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