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B.P.Care (Capsules)





Action of the Formulation:

Sarpgandha, Jatamansi and bramhi help reduse anxiety, mental stress and tension. Bramhi relaxes the brain and improves sleeping time. Punarava Mool improves urination and relieves pressure frome the heart.It clears water retention from the body. Arjun provides strength to the heart and helps to reduse the platelet aggregation. Mukta Shukti Pishti, Swaran Mukshik Bhasam and Giloya Satwa act as natural coolants and relaxants.

Directions of Use: 1 capsule at bed time in mild hypertension.1-2 capsules twice daily in moderate to very high hypertension with water.

Duration of Use: Regular use for ten days to 3 months is advised for good result.

Indications : Useful in mild to moderate hypertension Stabilizes blood pressure, cures insomnia and mental fatigue.

Contraindications: NO adverse effects observed. To be taken under medical supervision.

Presentation: Sealed pack of 30 capsules.


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